TYCO Internal WWAN 3G GPS IPEX SLIM Internal Antenna for Notebook Computer

Brand: Tyco
Product Code: Tyco-SlimWWAN
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $7.99

Condition: Brand New

Brand Name: Tyco 

Model Number: GDM900001411 

Connection: IPEX 

RED Cable Length - 45cm

BLUE Cable length - 60cm

Net Weight - 6g

Well Insulated & Easy to Install

Excellent Sensitivity

Compatible with:
Sierra MC5720 MC5725 MC5727 MC5728 MC8700 MC8790 MC8780 MC8775 MC8700 MC8790 MC8780 MC8775 MC8795V MC8792V MC8790V MC8781 MC7710 MC8355 MC8725 MC8765 MC8755v MC8791v

Qualcomm GOBI1000 GOBI2000 GOBI3000

Huawei EM770 EM770U EM770W EM660 EM820U EM820W EM770J EM680 EM730

Ericsson F3507G F3607GW F5521GW F3307 5530 F5321GW H5321W

Package include: 
One Pair of new Tyco WWAN Antenna

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