KingSpec KSD-ZF18 64GB 1.8" MLC SSD Solid State Drive ZIF Interface ZIF40

Brand: KingSpec
Product Code: KSD-ZF18-64GB
Availability: In Stock
Price: $74.99

Brand Name: KingSpec

Model: KSD-ZF18-64GB

Condition: Brand New (OEM)

Interface: ZIF

Part: 1 x KingSpec KSD-ZF18-64GB 64GB SSD

This item can replace the following hard disk model number:
MK8009GAH, MK6008GAH, HS030GB, MK4009GAL, MK6028GAL, MK1011GAH, HS082HB, HTC426060G8CE00, HS06THB, HS060HB, BUT CANNOT replace the folloing hard disk model number: MK8007GAH, MK6006GAL , HS12UHE, MK3006GAL

If you are not sure can this card work with your laptop, please CONTACT US first, thanks.

We still have many kinds of Kingspec SSD products, please feel free to browse!!!
PS: Kingspec MLC SSD Series

Quick boot-up: no dynamo rotary process, the average seek time of KingSpec SSD is only 0.2 ms, much faster than HDD which arrives over 1ms.

Fast Sustained Read 70MB/S and Sustained Write 45MB/S. Random reading, SSD storage technology typically provides faster system performance than traditional HDD

Free noise: SSDs' working decibel is 0 and providing you a cooler and quieter platform

No mechanical failure: there are no moving parts in SSDs and therefore the risk of mechanical failure is near zero.

Energy conservation: SSD provide improved overall system responsiveness while consuming much less power

Wide working temperature: -15℃ - 70℃ and the Industrial SSD can reach to -40℃ - 85℃ .

Excellent shockproof ability: SSDs are much stronger than traditional HDD, they will be not damaged even suffer strong shock.

Optimized by the windows 7: System will forbid using of automatic disk fragment cleaning due to extend the write and read endurance.

Support hot plug & play.

Not affected by X radial.

Item Model  
General Form factor 1.8"
interface ZIF40Pin
Performance Capacity(GB) 64GB
Sustained Read 70MB/S
Sustained Write 45MB/S
Random IOPS 3.971
Average Access time 0.2ms
Storage Media NAND Flash MLC(Test Flash:8pcs MT29F32G08CBAAA)
Power Consumption input Voltage 3.3V± 5%
Idle 0.5W
Active 1.5W
Reliability& Endurance Write endurance 80years@10GBytes write and erase per day at 128GB
Read endurance unlimited
Wear-Leveling Algorithm Dynamic and static wear-leveling
Data Retention 10years at 25ºC
MTBF 1,000,000hours
ECC Supports BCH ECC 8bits or 15bits  in 512 bytes
Bad Block Management Auto Bad Block Management in system
Environment Operating Temperature 0~70ºC
Non-operating Temperature -40~85ºC
Shock 2,000G(@0.3ms half sine wave)
Vibration 20G(40-2000HZ)
Humidity 5-95%
Testing Platform CPU:Intel A110 800MHz,DDR2: 1024MB×1pcs,Motherboard:FJNB1D6 i945GMS/GU chipset,Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
Testing Software HDBench3.4.0.3, IOMeter 2006.07.27
Physical Dimensions 
& Weight
Height(mm) 5.0± 0.25
Width(mm) 54.1± 0.25
Length(mm) 71.1± 0.25
Weight(g) 35±5

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