LG Cinema AG-F220 3D Passive Glasses Clip

Brand: LG Corp
Product Code: AG-F220
Availability: In Stock
Price: $9.49

Brand Name: LG 

Model: AG-F220

Condition: Brand New

Package Contents:
1 x LG AG-F220 3D Passive Glasses 
1 x Carry Bag
1 X Clean Cloth

Compatible with: LG 3D TV 42LM6200-CA 42LM6600-CA 42LW4500-CA 42CM540-CA 47LM6400-CA 47LM6700-CA 65LW6500-CA 55LM6600-CA 55LM6200-CA 55LM6600-CA 55LM6400-CA 55LM6200-CA and many others.

Note: Please double confirm what kind of glasses needed for your 3D TV.


If you find wearing a pair of 3D glasses over the top of your normal prescription glasses a little awkward and uncomfortable during 3D films. You might be pleased to know that LG have now launched a pair of clip-on LG AG-F220 Cinema 3D Glasses allowing you to wear both your prescription pair and 3D in comfort. 

The 3D experience is identical to what what you would expect with traditional passive glasses and as expected they simply clip on top of your prescription eyeglasses, rather than rest to top.

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